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Crawlability Test

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A crawlability test is essentially an audit to see how easily search engines can access and scan your website's pages. This process is important because search engines rely on this scanning, called crawling, to find and index your webpages. If a search engine can't crawl a webpage, it won't be able to show it in search results.

There are a variety of tools available to test your site's crawlability. These tools can check for issues that might be preventing search engines from accessing your pages, such as:

  • Robots.txt directives: A robots.txt file tells search engines which pages they can and cannot crawl. Errors in this file can block search engines from crawling important pages.
  • Broken links: If a search engine encounters too many broken links on your site, it may give up crawling altogether.
  • Slow loading times: Pages that take too long to load can be difficult for search engines to crawl.

By running a crawlability test, you can identify and fix these issues so that search engines can easily access and index your webpages. This can help improve your website's search engine ranking and visibility.